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DARCY CHEEK The Recorder and Times Samia O'Day, a local musician, will be performing a classical concert at the Brockville Arts Centre on Sunday, March 17.

Samia O’Day will be performing at the Brockville Arts Centre on Sunday, March 17.

Canada Music Academy director Samia O’Day, was recently interviewed by The Recorder and Times about her involvement in the local community and her upcoming concert. An award winning and classical trained pianist, Samia will play a concert on Sunday March 19th in Brockville as part of the Brockville Concert Association’s Sunday afternoon concerts series.Samia is both the founder and director of the Canada Music Academy as well as co-owner of All You Need Music and has worked for the last 17 years to provide music lessons in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Brockville to people who might not otherwise not had access to music education. The Ottawa music school is the most recent addition having opened in 2012.

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The Canada Music Academy is proud to sponsor the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s performance in Brockville this November 17th This world renowned orchestra will be touring throughout the month of November starting in Montreal, Ottawa and finally Brockville, which is the home of the Canada Music Academy’s flagship branch of the Canadian music school.

Toronto Symphony Orchestra

The Canada Music Academy Proudly Supports the Toronto Symphony Orchestra

With many past and present Academy teachers actively involved as members of the Toronto Symphony orchestra, the Canada Music Academy is privileged to be able to play a role in supporting the very best in Canadian music.

The Canada Music Academy currently offers music lessons in Toronto as well as music lessons in Ottawa, Montreal and Brockville. As strong supporters of youth and music, the Canada Music Academy is proud to support this Brockville Concert Association event which will grant FREE admission to students under 18.

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A Tribute to Music Teachers

Several Academy teachers were honored by violin virtuoso Adam Han-Gorsk at an event in Brockville held last week. Han-Gorsk attributes much of his success to the very talented teachers with whom he studied, and dedicated the event to teachers everywhere, including the Canada Music Academy’s founder and director, Samia O’Day as well as Academy teachers Rémi Collard, Catharine Calderone, and Margaret Carey. All four are award winning musicians and performed to high acclaim at the Brockville Arts Center. The Canada Music Academy has been a leader in music education in Canada for the last 17 years and currently has branches in Montreal, Toronto, Brockville and Ottawa. You can read about the event as published in the EMC St.Lawrence here:

Academy Teachers Honored by Violin Virtuoso

Adam Han-Gorsk performed at the Brockville Arts Center this past    weekend as a tribute to all music teachers including the Canada Music Academy’s     first teacher, founder and director Samia O’Day, and current Academy     teachers Margaret Carey, Remi Collard and Catharine Calderone. The concert,    which was the latest in the Brockville Concert Association’s fall classical    series, honored music teachers and the role they play in transforming great    students into master musicians. The event was a success and was attended by    many. The Academy’s first branch opened 17 years ago offering music lessons    in Montreal and has since expanded to Toronto, Brockville and most recently    Ottawa. You can read about the event as published in the Recorder  here:


SNAP recently visited the Canada Music Academy and All You Need Music to celebrate and document the one year anniversary of the Brockville music school and store. Within the last year, the Canada Music Academy has supported the local music scene and music education in particular, by sponsoring local events and working to bring world class talent to Brockville. The Canada Music Academy is very excited to have become not only a prominent music school in Brockville but also a leading music school in Ontario and Quebec, with branches in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Visit us at our school on Parkedale, in Brockville or online at

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“‘Cause I can play this here guitar/And I won’t quit till I’m a star.”

George Benson may have been “On Broadway” when he sang those words, but a local music store is hoping a very special guitar can make stars out of local school children.

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